Two Companies Look to Improve Downtown Baltimore

In 2000, the Southern Hotel located at One Light Street in Baltimore, Maryland was demolished. Since then the city has wondered what would happen with it. Several things have been talked about but nothing has come of any of them; however, in January of 2015 Metropolitan Partnership, Ltd. Proposed a plan that called for a thirty-three story building with three hundred and forty apartments and ten floors of offices all atop a six-hundred and forty-six spot parking garage.
This is an addition to the original plan back in the summer of 2014, one that was backed with twenty-eight million dollar bonds courtesy of the Baltimore Development Corporation. Another company with interest in the construction of the building at One Light Street is M&T Bank. The bank’s leases at two of their downtown locations are set to expire this year and a bank official attended the proposal. Although the bank intends to stay in the downtown area but noted that the company does not comment on projects that are not complete yet. The city leaders and the Downtown Partnership are excited about the proposition, so much so that the Downtown Partnership has put the site’s development high on their priority list.
In addition to the plans for One Light Street, the Workshop Development, Inc. They would like to build two hundred and forty apartments and seven thousand square feet of office space in place of the Della Notta Restaurant that closed down in 2013. Their space would also include a large parking garage in the back of the building. There are some skeptics to the project with concerns over residents’ desires to live on a street that is so busy. In order to make it more pedestrian friendly, the company is looking to add more walkways. Another concern is the parking garage backing up to smaller homes in Little Italy. The proposal is also a little larger than the other homes in the area. Both of these companies, including Madison Marquette are looking to change downtown Baltimore for the better.