Identifying Date Rape Drugs

Everyone has heard the stories. A girl goes out with a group of friends, or with a prospective boyfriend, and turns her head away for just long enough to allow someone to slip something into her drink. She begins to feel dizzy and eventually passes out, only to wake up in a stranger’s bed or worse. These drugs, commonly referred to as “roofies”, have become extremely commonplace in our society as a method for making someone engage in sexual activity against their will. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to become one of the cautionary tales that we tell young women. Follow these guidelines and you can protect yourself from becoming a victim.

  1. Don’t leave your drink alone. The three main date rape drugs, Rohypnol, Gama-hydroxybutyrate, and Ketamine are all colorless and odorless. This makes them easy to mix with drinks without them ever being detected. The best way to prevent from being drugged is to make sure that you never accept a drink from a stranger and to always keep your drink with you and in your line of sight. Leaving it unsupervised gives someone the chance to sneak something in it that you won’t know about it until it’s too late. If you do choose to look away from your drink, place the top of your hand over the opening of the cup.
  1. Check for signs that suggest your drink has been tampered with. Was your drink in that spot before you left the room? Was your drink that color when you first ordered it? Was it carbonated or cloudy? If you can’t answer any of these questions with 100% certainty, then it is a good idea to get rid of it and get another one. Signs such as bubbling, color changes, or obvious movement of the drink from one place to another are red flags that you should never ignore. Drug detecting products like Undercover Colors nail polish stickers are currently being developed to help you determine whether or not your drink was tampered with.
  1. Drink slowly and be wary of flavor inconsistencies. Smaller sips, rather than big gulps or taking shots, will better allow you to decide whether the drink is causing any strange effects that you normally wouldn’t experience. This will also help you gauge whether or not the drink has an unusual taste, such as saltiness, which is common in the drug Gama-hydroxybutyrate.

Follow these guidelines and you will have plenty of safe nights out with your friends and amazing dates with your future boyfriend!

The Science Behind One Company’s Health Products

There are many health and nutrition products available on the market today that range in price and ingredients. One health supplement company that you can confidently purchase from is Mannatech A global company, Mannatech offers a variety of nutritional aid supplements. They engage in extensive research and development of glyconutrients in order to provide top quality products for their customers. “Glyconutrient” is actually the companies name for it plant blend source of sugars, starch and cellulose.

Mannatech believes in having really great products. In fact, they believe in their products so much that they have invested over $50 into the development and research of their products. The plant based glyconutrients that Mannatech uses are naturally occurring ingredients, they use these to make their nutritional supplements.

Mannatech also guarantees the uniqueness of their products. In fact, they have over 100 patents to protect their products against infringement by any other companies. The research that they do is also quite often published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

The scientists behind that Mannatech products believe highly in meeting their costumers’ wellness needs. Their products are considered to be of very high quality and a wide variety of them are even Kosher Certified.

Mannatech offers nutritional capsules. Also available is an assortment of Ambrotose products. Their Ambrotose products consist of everything from capsules to powders. They even offer a variety of products made with Aloe, which is very good for the body.

On top of all the great nutritional supplements that Mannatech offers they also offer skin care products. The products are made with the same glyconutrients system that their supplements are made with providing the best care for the skin. They offer a rejuvenation cream the reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps to firm the skin and hide the effects of aging. They also offer various essential oils.

Mannatech ‘s unique scientific formula is what makes it a go to product. The fact that they can use natural plant based glyconutrients for their products makes them that much more desirable to the consumer. Having other products but specializing in all natural nutritional supplements definitely has its appeal. Mannatech employees and scientists fully believe in and back their products 100%.

Europe Gives Green Light to First Gene Therapy for Children

The world’s first life-saving gene therapy for children, developed by Italian scientists and GlaxoSmithKline, has been recommended for approval in Europe, boosting the pioneering technology to fix faulty genes.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said on Friday it had endorsed the therapy, called Strimvelis, for a tiny number of children with ADA Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (ADA-SCID) for whom no matching bone marrow donor is available.

Around 15 children a year are born in Europe with the ultra-rare genetic disorder, which leaves them unable to make a type of white blood cell. They rarely survive beyond two years unless their immune function is restored with a suitable bone marrow transplant.

SCID is sometimes known as “bubble baby” disease, since children born with it have immune systems so weak they must live in germ-free environments.

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China Takes Microgravity Work to New Heights

China’s space science ambitions mark a new milestone today with the launch of a microgravity research satellite set for 2 a.m. Wednesday morning Beijing time. The Shijian-10 (SJ-10) spacecraft carries 20 experiments covering fluid physics, materials science, and the effects of radiation and microgravity on various biological systems.

The mission deepens China’s international cooperation in space, carrying an experiment jointly developed with the European Space Agency (ESA). “We have been sharing scientific data and sharing results” with China, says Antonio Verga, an ESA microgravity researcher in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. In particular, ESA scientists worked with Chinese colleagues on the Geospace Double Star Exploration Program, though the mission’s two satellites were developed and launched by China’s National Space Science Center (NSSC). SJ-10 “is the first cooperative mission in which ESA is actually flying a piece of hardware on a Chinese mission,” Verga says.

The SJ-10 spacecraft will be launched on a Long March 2D rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwestern Gansu province. After 12 days in orbit, a re-entry capsule will return most samples to Earth, landing in Inner Mongolia. The short time frame is typical for space microgravity missions, Verga says. Experiments on the orbiter will continue for three more days, running on batteries for power.

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Mannatech Exceeds Competition with Clinical Testing

Mannatech, a natural health supplement company, is on the cutting edge of research and technology in the nutrition field. To truly rise above the competition, Mannatech goes to extensive lengths to provide its customers with high quality products. Using human clinical trials to help improve customer experience, it is no surprise that Mannatech’s products are being used across the world.

Mannatech Tests Products with Live Subjects
Mannatech ( has committed to completing tests with live subjects for every new product, and the results are used to tweak every product before it goes to the market. The company sells millions of units every year, and each unit has a testing record that is available for the public to review. The results have been cataloged to help Mannatech create better products in the future, and customers may trust in the hard work that Mannatech put in before the products were ever sold.

What Does Mannatech Do?
Mannatech sells through private agents to their customers around the world. Every product that is sold by Mannatech goes to a private agent who has a large customer base developed over many years of work within a certain community. The marketing approach allows Mannatech to reach many more people than they would in stores, and there are whole communities that have been converted to Mannatech. Everyone from bodybuilders to stay-at-home moms have been using Mannatech, and the products help keep customers healthy.

How Does Mannatech Factor into a Healthy Lifestyle?
Mannatech sells glyconutrients that helps the body become more effective at burning fat. Someone who is working out regularly will increase their metabolism, and the results are increasing every year as Mannatech completes more trials. The goal at Mannatech is to help people have the healthiest bodies possible, and the nutrients sold through Mannatech are helping customers become healthy vessels for activity.

The human trials supported by Mannatech mark a change in the way biotech companies operate. Mannatech wants to know what a single product will do for their customers, and the company goes to great lengths to learn what each product can do. Continued improvement helps the company become a stronger force on the market, and more customers trust them every year with their health.

Polystyrene Foam: Recycle, Don’t Ban!

A lot of people seem to have the idea that banning polystyrene foam will make the planet healthier. In fact, there is so much talk about all of this that there is even a proposed Georgia foam ban for polystyrene. However, banning polystyrene foam is not the way to get the job done. It is fairly obvious that these types of laws only work on paper. They are not effective in reality and in a real world situation, people scarcely pay any attention to them at all.

The truth is, all types of vendors use this type of foam in one capacity or another. This is true whether a customer is getting food to go from a restaurant or they are at a food truck getting a sandwich and a cup of coffee. Even sporting events utilize polystyrene foam. There is practically no kitchen, concession stand or food truck of any kind that does not use foam. The very idea that a simple ban could suddenly stop all of this is nothing short of ridiculous. For one thing, any type of alternative product is far more expensive than foam, further damaging the economy. For another thing, people are looking for convenience and they are going to gravitate toward the place where they can get a level of convenience that makes them happy, regardless of whether a ban is in place or not.

The truth is, Polystyrene foam does damage the planet, but banning it is not the answer. Finding a way to deal with it is the answer. This can be accomplished successfully enough by simply recycling it. In much the same way that people put plastics in one receptacle and trash in another, foam can also be recycled. It is simply a matter of developing the technology that is necessary while also using the technology that already exists. This is the case for foam or virtually anything else. If the desire is deep enough to do something about it, viable solutions can be found that do not place the overwhelming majority of the population at a disadvantage.

No one is advocating damaging the planet, nor is anyone claiming that Polystyrene foam is harmless. However, harmful products are used each and every day by people in all walks of life. The fact that a product can do damage to the planet or might be harmful to an individual does not mean that it should automatically be banned. It would be much more useful to put some valuable time into deciding how to realistically deal with the problem instead of simply saying that no one is allowed to use it.

10 Best Science Careers – Based on Wages and Stability

Science careers are often stable and higher paying than a vast majority of other career choices. This is partly due to the specialized education and training that is required for a number of these fields. Most of these jobs, you will require at least a bachelor’s degree or even a master’s degree.

Generally, there is less unemployment and more growth in science related jobs than the national average. This includes scientific career is a wide variety of fields – from environmental science to medical science. If you are interested in a career in science, but have not narrowed down your choices yet, look over these 10 best science careers based on wages and stability.


1 – Astronomy

Astronomers are responsible for studying the behavior of the universe, including the sun, other planets, stars, and galaxies. To become an astronomer, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree, typically with a major in astronomy. The average earning for an astronomer is just over $95,000 per year. The projected job growth for 2016 is 6 percent.

2 – Atmospheric Science

chemistryAtmospheric science is the study of the Earth’s atmosphere. Atmospheric scientists work at trying to understand the relationship between the atmosphere and the environment. The work being conducted by these professionals is aimed at shedding more light on the effects of global warming. The average salary for atmospheric scientists is $77,000 per year with a projected job growth of 11 percent over the next year.

3 – Biochemistry

Biochemists and biophysicists study the interaction of biology and chemistry or physics. A biochemists needs and understanding of both biology and chemistry, while a biophysicist should major in biology and physics. With the right job, a biochemist and biophysicist can expect to earn $76,000 per year, with a projected growth in the industry of 16 percent over the next year.

4 – Biology

Studying all forms of life, a biological scientist is focused on gaining a better understanding of how various organisms behave and how they are developed. The job growth is not as high as some of the other fields, with 4% projected growth, but the salary is decent – at $76,000 per year.

5 – Environmental Science

courses-homepage-csSimilar to atmospheric science, environmental scientists are examining the effects of global warming, but are more focused on a wide range of issues related to the use of natural resources and how they can result in pollution and changes to the environment. The pay is lower than some of the other fields, with an average salary of $56,000, but could include the most job growth, with an expected increase of 25 percent and 21,000 new jobs.

6 – Hydrology

microscopeHydrologists are scientists that study bodies of water and also rainfall. The research that they conduct can help other groups to learn what types of materials and pollutants are in bodies of water. The average salary is $66,000 and there is an expected job growth of 24 percent.

7 – Geoscience

cytosine-3d-balls-1-pngGeoscientists seek more understanding about the Earth and how it has evolved over billions of years. Their primary goal is to gain an understanding of the origin of Earth. As a geoscientist, you can expect an average salary of $72,000 and the job prospects should be numerous, with a growth rate of 22 percent.

8 – Medical Science

Medical science is essentially the study of human health and diseases. Medical scientists work on the development of treatments and ways to help prevent diseases. The average salary is $61,000, and the job growth that is projected is 20 percent with 18,000 new jobs.

9 – Materials Science

-chemistry-laboratory-experiment-scienceMaterials scientists study the composition of synthetic and natural materials so that they can gain a better understanding of how they work – to develop new materials or enhance the materials that are studied. The average materials scientist earns around $74,000 per year. The projected growth in this field is 9 percent.

10 – Physicists

Physicists study physics – the understanding of the properties of motion and matter. There are many different specializations for physicists, but the average pay is $94,000 per year. The expected job growth is around 7 percent, with 1,000 potential new jobs.

If you are interested in science, then start narrowing down your options and choose a field that you would like to specialize in. This is just a small selection of potential science jobs, as there are hundreds of possibilities. Instead of focusing on the potential salary, you should pick a field that you truly enjoy learning about. Since the majority of your time will be spent conducting research and learning more about your field of study, make sure that you love the science industry that you choose.