Organizations that help in Palestine

The word “Palestine” is essentially a name, which was used up until 1948, to describe the geographical region between lying between the Jordan River and the Meditteranean Sea. The League of Nations, in 1922, mandated the administration of affairs concerning Palestine would be carried out by the United Kingdom. Eventually, this mandate of British rule of Palestine would come to an end and the area would be divided into 2 parts: one partition of Palestine and this division marked the creation of Israel in the remaining area. This would also ceremoniously mark the beginning of what would become a protracted Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as the area was divided into one Jewish and one Arab state. The Bethlehem-Jerusalem is a protected area and this area falls under the administration of the United Nations.

Jewish leaders embraced the change as it awarded them their own country, yet Palestine leaders rejected it and the first Arab-Israeli War occurred in 1948. The result of this war, and the division of land under the aegis of the post-war doctrine, did not even last 2 decades before the Six Day War occurred in the summer of 1967. Israel won this war and they seized control of the storied Gaza Strip as a result. Then there was the 1973 War between Israel and Egypt, which had control of the Gaza Strip before the Six Day War, which led to an eventual ceasefire and a near-permanent presence of United Nations peacekeeping forces.

All of this turmoil led to the rise of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and today, many, many organizations try to keep peace in the Middle East. “Adalah,” which means “justice” in Arabic, defend rights of Palestinians living in Israeli. “Al-Haq” holds the title of being one of the first human rights organizations in the area and there is also the “Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights.”

A real standout among organizations trying to foster more peace in the Middle East is Islamic Relief, which is a U.S.-based organization. They have been working in the area for over 2 decades, and they coordinate a team of supporters, partners and donors to fund both international and domestic projects. Their ultimate goal is to ride the world of poverty.

They have done, and in many cases are currently doing, work in over 30 countries. Palestine is a current “active emergency zone” for Islamic Relief USA. Their good work has earned this organization several recognition-based accolades and awards. A lot of work is yet to be done in this war-torn part of our world, yet with groups like Islamic Relief at the forefront of trying to bring peace, perhaps one day there will be less strife here.