Natural Gas as an Energy Source

Natural gas is the cleanest available fossil fuel. It is also an extremely efficient fuel. Natural gas is primarily methane gas, it has a very simple chemical structure of one carbon atom and four hydrogen atoms, (CH4). It is an important source of clean energy; as it does not produce carbon dioxide. Therefore, the use of natural gas does not contribute to the greenhouse effect. Natural gas is the most reliable form of energy that is environmentally friendly. It is extremely efficient and is often used to power most home appliances. The efficient nature of this source of energy is responsible for reducing the impact of carbon dioxide, (greenhouse effect), on the environment. It is well known that natural gas is considered ninety-two percent efficient.

Not only can natural gas power home appliances, it is used in cars, small trucks, buses and utility vehicles. When used to power an automobile, it reduces many of the common components of air pollution. When used as a fuel for an automobile, natural gas can reduce carbon monoxide pollution by up to ninety percent. Used as an automotive fuel it reduces other pollutants such as; nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, and other non-methane gases.

Natural gas vehicles are like gasoline fueled vehicles in terms of speed, handling and acceleration. However, a vehicle using natural gas is limited by its storage capacity. Typically, they can only store about half the fuel of a gasoline powered vehicle. However, there are a variety of heavy-duty trucks fueled by natural gas. Buses typically rely on natural gas as a clean, reliable fuel source. Typically, a large heavy-duty vehicle has extra storage capacity for natural gas.

Although the use of natural gas is common in heavy-duty vehicles; it’s not commonly used in cars and light-duty trucks. However, consumers have the option of converting their gasoline powered vehicle to a natural gas-powered vehicle. A qualified custom retrofit can convert a gasoline powered vehicle to a natural gas-powered vehicle.