Improve Your Immune System with these Helpful Tips

Our immune system is a complex collection of finely orchestrated tissues and cells designed to protect our bodies from bacteria, viruses, allergens and other dangerous organisms, better known as antigens. Our first line of defense is our skin and membranes, such as our nasal passages, which provides a physical barrier against harmful invaders that could otherwise enter our body.

Internally, our white blood cells are utilized to fight off antigens that are transferred beyond our skin. Our immune system is fundamentally influenced by our overall health. Essential nutrients are key to the maintenance and production of germ fighting cells and a balanced diet plays a primary factor or our vascular function.

There isn’t one particular food that can make us magically repel cold and flue viruses, but healthy eating is one of the best investments to building good immunity.

Fill Your Plate with Fruit and Veggies
The Phytochemicals that gives veggies and fruits its color also provides antioxidants which support our immune function. These nutrients help to make certain that lymphocytes will separate and reproduce correctly in response to a virus.

Choose Lean Protein
Protein has the amino acids that forms the building blocks for all of the body’s cells–which also includes the cells that powers our immune system. Not consuming enough protein will result in fewer white blood cells to fight against antigens. If you are a vegetarian or would simply like an extra boost consider taking a multi-vitamin every day to get your full source of nutrients. Multi-vitamins can be purchased at your local pharmacy and online. My favorite multi-vitaminĀ is Mannatech’s PhytoMatrix.

Focus on Healthful Fats
A high fat diet will impair the immune system. The kind of fat you intake is equally as critical as the amount you consume. Trans-fats, like that in margarines and some baked goods could possibly contribute to inflammation in the body. Our immune system can get bogged down dealing with inflammation–which could result in damaged tissue and cells, instead of helping to defend the body.

How Exercising Can Help
Unfortunately, an overweight individuals’ immune systems cells do not function properly, especially if they suffer from high cholesterol and triglycerides. Increase physical activity. Moderation is important; too much exercising can boost cortisol and adrenaline, the hormones that can suppress immune function.

As we know understand, a lowered immune system can result in diseases and illnesses. Researchers have shown that those who have a low level of glutathione can be exposed to chronic illnesses. A weak immune system can hamper the production of glutathione.