Hotels Where You Should Consider Staying in The Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands, located Southeast of Cuba are known for their exquisite beachfront accommodations and true tropical luxury with first class accommodations. Grand Cayman is well known for its beachside hotels, and the other two smaller islands are more popular for their nature excursions.

On Grand Cayman you can do no better than to stay at the Ken Dart’s Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman. Guest rooms come in various configurations from the Garden View, Resort View and Oceanview. Rooms feature various Queen and King sized beds along with all of the features that would be expected at a 5-star resort. Of course the most elegant TV, DVD, Cable/Satellite, and high-speed internet are available.

Each room has a mini refrigerator stocked with refreshments and luxurious bathing and air conditioning. There are six elegant restaurants available for dining, two outdoor pools, a water park that is family friendly and a luxurious spa.

The Margaritaville Beach Resort Grand Cayman is another 5 Star hotel which deserves serious consideration. The hotel itself was inspired by singer and songwriter Jimmy Buffett, as the title of the song inspires relaxation and beauty of the beachfront lifestyle.

A true beachfront lifestyle is encouraged as after all, you are in paradise. The Margaritaville is a great vacation spot for any occasion, but especially if you want to relax and leave the problems of the real world behind. Relax at the main pool where the 5 O’clock somewhere Bar & Grill is just a swim up away. Indulge yourself in the array of restaurants and bars with the complex. You will be surrounded with the Carribean lifestyle of relaxation and enjoyment with all the cares of the world left behind at the Margaritaville Beach Resort Grand Cayman.

This great getaway is a great family vacation too, as nearby attractions cater to children as well as adults. Don’t miss a visit to the Cayman Turtle Farm where you can snorkel and swim with the turtles. There is also tropical birds feeding and a swimming pool with a slide.

Stingray City is situated in a place where sandbars form a pool-like atmosphere near the shore in the North Sound of Grand Cayman. Here the entire family can swim among the tame Grand Cayman stingrays. The stingrays can be fed by hand because they have been trained that way.

For a wonderful vacation and getaway you cannot do better than to book a stay in the Cayman Islands. The food is great and if it is relaxation and quality time spent this is the place for you.

Using Natural Gas to Power the Future

In a world with changing energy needs, natural gas often gets overlooked on the list of electricity fuel sources. To define natural gas, however, consider a sustainable, affordable and renewable choice for energy production. One of the main benefits of natural gas is its availability. Its heavier counterpart, petroleum is often found in unstable and politically volatile areas of the world, making it vulnerable to disruption anytime something happens anywhere along the supply chain. On the other hand, natural gas reserves are plentiful within the United States, it’s produced within the country not only cutting out transportation cost but making itself stand out as a safe option.

In addition to this, the environmental impact of natural gas is less than petroleum, cutting lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 11% (83% if running on RNG – Renewable natural gas). On top of this, some Compressed natural gas systems are totally sealed, which means that there is actually zero evaporative emissions from that system. As a further benefit, renewable natural gas is created by capturing biogas from decomposing organic materials. This means it’s using both wastes from landfill and the like and natural waste from livestock. This greatly reduces that methane from entering the atmosphere, which in turn reduces emissions, as a greenhouse gas methane is 25 times worse than carbon dioxide. By creating biogas through anaerobic digestion, the by-products are less offensive smells and a supplement rich compost.

With the benefits of natural gas coming to light, more and more systems are fitting new systems to naturally use gas or are retro-fitting to adapt to using natural gas. Also, there is an extensive current infrastructure to support natural gas distribution, although many areas of the country do not have as many local stations to distribute the gas on a local level, despite its growing uses. As the use of natural gas grows, the demand to expand ways to distribute will as well.

Organizations that help in Palestine

The word “Palestine” is essentially a name, which was used up until 1948, to describe the geographical region between lying between the Jordan River and the Meditteranean Sea. The League of Nations, in 1922, mandated the administration of affairs concerning Palestine would be carried out by the United Kingdom. Eventually, this mandate of British rule of Palestine would come to an end and the area would be divided into 2 parts: one partition of Palestine and this division marked the creation of Israel in the remaining area. This would also ceremoniously mark the beginning of what would become a protracted Palestinian-Israeli conflict, as the area was divided into one Jewish and one Arab state. The Bethlehem-Jerusalem is a protected area and this area falls under the administration of the United Nations.

Jewish leaders embraced the change as it awarded them their own country, yet Palestine leaders rejected it and the first Arab-Israeli War occurred in 1948. The result of this war, and the division of land under the aegis of the post-war doctrine, did not even last 2 decades before the Six Day War occurred in the summer of 1967. Israel won this war and they seized control of the storied Gaza Strip as a result. Then there was the 1973 War between Israel and Egypt, which had control of the Gaza Strip before the Six Day War, which led to an eventual ceasefire and a near-permanent presence of United Nations peacekeeping forces.

All of this turmoil led to the rise of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and today, many, many organizations try to keep peace in the Middle East. “Adalah,” which means “justice” in Arabic, defend rights of Palestinians living in Israeli. “Al-Haq” holds the title of being one of the first human rights organizations in the area and there is also the “Al-Mezan Center for Human Rights.”

A real standout among organizations trying to foster more peace in the Middle East is Islamic Relief, which is a U.S.-based organization. They have been working in the area for over 2 decades, and they coordinate a team of supporters, partners and donors to fund both international and domestic projects. Their ultimate goal is to ride the world of poverty.

They have done, and in many cases are currently doing, work in over 30 countries. Palestine is a current “active emergency zone” for Islamic Relief USA. Their good work has earned this organization several recognition-based accolades and awards. A lot of work is yet to be done in this war-torn part of our world, yet with groups like Islamic Relief at the forefront of trying to bring peace, perhaps one day there will be less strife here.

Improve Your Immune System with these Helpful Tips

Our immune system is a complex collection of finely orchestrated tissues and cells designed to protect our bodies from bacteria, viruses, allergens and other dangerous organisms, better known as antigens. Our first line of defense is our skin and membranes, such as our nasal passages, which provides a physical barrier against harmful invaders that could otherwise enter our body.

Internally, our white blood cells are utilized to fight off antigens that are transferred beyond our skin. Our immune system is fundamentally influenced by our overall health. Essential nutrients are key to the maintenance and production of germ fighting cells and a balanced diet plays a primary factor or our vascular function.

There isn’t one particular food that can make us magically repel cold and flue viruses, but healthy eating is one of the best investments to building good immunity.

Fill Your Plate with Fruit and Veggies
The Phytochemicals that gives veggies and fruits its color also provides antioxidants which support our immune function. These nutrients help to make certain that lymphocytes will separate and reproduce correctly in response to a virus.

Choose Lean Protein
Protein has the amino acids that forms the building blocks for all of the body’s cells–which also includes the cells that powers our immune system. Not consuming enough protein will result in fewer white blood cells to fight against antigens. If you are a vegetarian or would simply like an extra boost consider taking a multi-vitamin every day to get your full source of nutrients. Multi-vitamins can be purchased at your local pharmacy and online. My favorite multi-vitamin is Mannatech’s PhytoMatrix.

Focus on Healthful Fats
A high fat diet will impair the immune system. The kind of fat you intake is equally as critical as the amount you consume. Trans-fats, like that in margarines and some baked goods could possibly contribute to inflammation in the body. Our immune system can get bogged down dealing with inflammation–which could result in damaged tissue and cells, instead of helping to defend the body.

How Exercising Can Help
Unfortunately, an overweight individuals’ immune systems cells do not function properly, especially if they suffer from high cholesterol and triglycerides. Increase physical activity. Moderation is important; too much exercising can boost cortisol and adrenaline, the hormones that can suppress immune function.

As we know understand, a lowered immune system can result in diseases and illnesses. Researchers have shown that those who have a low level of glutathione can be exposed to chronic illnesses. A weak immune system can hamper the production of glutathione.

Two Companies Look to Improve Downtown Baltimore

In 2000, the Southern Hotel located at One Light Street in Baltimore, Maryland was demolished. Since then the city has wondered what would happen with it. Several things have been talked about but nothing has come of any of them; however, in January of 2015 Metropolitan Partnership, Ltd. Proposed a plan that called for a thirty-three story building with three hundred and forty apartments and ten floors of offices all atop a six-hundred and forty-six spot parking garage.
This is an addition to the original plan back in the summer of 2014, one that was backed with twenty-eight million dollar bonds courtesy of the Baltimore Development Corporation. Another company with interest in the construction of the building at One Light Street is M&T Bank. The bank’s leases at two of their downtown locations are set to expire this year and a bank official attended the proposal. Although the bank intends to stay in the downtown area but noted that the company does not comment on projects that are not complete yet. The city leaders and the Downtown Partnership are excited about the proposition, so much so that the Downtown Partnership has put the site’s development high on their priority list.
In addition to the plans for One Light Street, the Workshop Development, Inc. They would like to build two hundred and forty apartments and seven thousand square feet of office space in place of the Della Notta Restaurant that closed down in 2013. Their space would also include a large parking garage in the back of the building. There are some skeptics to the project with concerns over residents’ desires to live on a street that is so busy. In order to make it more pedestrian friendly, the company is looking to add more walkways. Another concern is the parking garage backing up to smaller homes in Little Italy. The proposal is also a little larger than the other homes in the area. Both of these companies, including Madison Marquette are looking to change downtown Baltimore for the better.

Fracking offers an energy solution

There have been a lot of debates going on whether fracking is good or bad. However, it is widely evident that fracking has a lot of benefits, and any debate to ban it should take a hard look at the consequences on US energy production if the practice is withdrawn.

So what does fracking mean? Fracking is the practice of hydraulic drilling to crack open underground oil and gas formations. With the increased technology, the practice has saved the American energy exploration and production from the brink of decline. Today, the practice is responsible for hundreds of thriving oil and natural gas production channels.

Fracking involves drilling underground a few miles through the shale and rock formation then moving horizontally for a thousand feet or more. With fracking, one drilling site can have many wells. The wells are worked structurally and cemented before perforations are made to conduct a mixture of sand, water and other additives at high pressure to create fractures in the parent rocks. Water acts as the transporting agent with significant mechanical impact as sand. The additives reduce friction and prevent pipe corrosion hence boosting efficiency in the system.

Fracking has enabled the country exploit and tap a lot of oil and natural gas, which was previously impossible. In the next ten years, the country will have drilled more than 95% of the wells. The technique has changed the energy position in the country from scarcity to abundance. Fracturing is also used to accelerate the production rate from older wells.

With the increased rate of production featuring low-cost fracking techniques, there is a significant decrease in prices of natural gas and oil in the United States. Manufacturing plants can now carry out their operations without huge overhead costs, which has trickled down to cheap commodities in the American market. Thousands of people are now working in the oil fields and inflation is benign because of a healthy energy production system in the country.

The technique has reduced the amount of coal used in energy production hence cutting the rate of pollution and greenhouse emissions in the country. Because of fracking, the country now deserves the bragging rights as the world’s leading natural gas producer. The United States Energy Information Administration estimated that the country’s energy production will increase by 56% over the next three decades with fracking.

The bottom line is that fracking is an integral part of US energy production. It’s like the engine in the country’s energy revolution.

Why Hire Executive Recruiters in Washington DC

The job market is changing every time. The people who are looking for jobs are also having diverse needs. While others may be in need of money to pay bills, there are those who look forward to add value to the company they get employed in. The way to differentiate these two groups of people can give an employer a headache. A company can also easily hire a person who will soon quit the job once he or she gets the first salary. To avoid these challenges, an employer needs a specialist who has traversed the field and known which tricks to use. This is the number one reason why employers need a recruiter in Washington DC.

Network of Experts

An executive recruiting company will always have a pool of professionals who can do a certain task. This gives employers confidence that the best employee will be referred to them. It is also crucial because in the network they have created, they know who can do what. This means, when a company contacts them to scout for an expert with certain qualifications, they will do the job quick. If a company has an emergency need, the recruiters will also help in hiring even within a day.

A network which the recruiters keep is made up of people from different parts of the world. This means once they are hired, they will recommend a unique employee. Therefore, if a company is looking for diversity, here is how to get it. This will help drive the company to the next level when new, unique and creative people come in.

Proper Screening

Many times companies fear they will employ the wrong person. However, the right approach is to hire the executives who will provide an opportunity to screen the candidates properly. A recruiting company will ensure it goes to the extent of researching about the background of the employee being referred. This is because they do not want to spoil their reputation. This means they will give the best employee they have for the job vacancy.

Reliable recruiters in the market

The market is full of professionals from Washington DC but here is a list of those a company can trust. Lucas Group, Aquent, Heidrick and Struggles, Gary D. Burnison (Kornferry), Spencerstuart, RusselReynolds and DHR. Other companies include Diversified Search, Kasplacement, and Boyden. If an employer contacts any of these companies, they will get sorted. All they need is to give the recruiters a description of what kind of person they want to fill the vacancy.

Identifying Date Rape Drugs

Everyone has heard the stories. A girl goes out with a group of friends, or with a prospective boyfriend, and turns her head away for just long enough to allow someone to slip something into her drink. She begins to feel dizzy and eventually passes out, only to wake up in a stranger’s bed or worse. These drugs, commonly referred to as “roofies”, have become extremely commonplace in our society as a method for making someone engage in sexual activity against their will. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to become one of the cautionary tales that we tell young women. Follow these guidelines and you can protect yourself from becoming a victim.

  1. Don’t leave your drink alone. The three main date rape drugs, Rohypnol, Gama-hydroxybutyrate, and Ketamine are all colorless and odorless. This makes them easy to mix with drinks without them ever being detected. The best way to prevent from being drugged is to make sure that you never accept a drink from a stranger and to always keep your drink with you and in your line of sight. Leaving it unsupervised gives someone the chance to sneak something in it that you won’t know about it until it’s too late. If you do choose to look away from your drink, place the top of your hand over the opening of the cup.
  1. Check for signs that suggest your drink has been tampered with. Was your drink in that spot before you left the room? Was your drink that color when you first ordered it? Was it carbonated or cloudy? If you can’t answer any of these questions with 100% certainty, then it is a good idea to get rid of it and get another one. Signs such as bubbling, color changes, or obvious movement of the drink from one place to another are red flags that you should never ignore. Drug detecting products like Undercover Colors nail polish stickers are currently being developed to help you determine whether or not your drink was tampered with.
  1. Drink slowly and be wary of flavor inconsistencies. Smaller sips, rather than big gulps or taking shots, will better allow you to decide whether the drink is causing any strange effects that you normally wouldn’t experience. This will also help you gauge whether or not the drink has an unusual taste, such as saltiness, which is common in the drug Gama-hydroxybutyrate.

Follow these guidelines and you will have plenty of safe nights out with your friends and amazing dates with your future boyfriend!

The Science Behind One Company’s Health Products

There are many health and nutrition products available on the market today that range in price and ingredients. One health supplement company that you can confidently purchase from is Mannatech A global company, Mannatech offers a variety of nutritional aid supplements. They engage in extensive research and development of glyconutrients in order to provide top quality products for their customers. “Glyconutrient” is actually the companies name for it plant blend source of sugars, starch and cellulose.

Mannatech believes in having really great products. In fact, they believe in their products so much that they have invested over $50 into the development and research of their products. The plant based glyconutrients that Mannatech uses are naturally occurring ingredients, they use these to make their nutritional supplements.

Mannatech also guarantees the uniqueness of their products. In fact, they have over 100 patents to protect their products against infringement by any other companies. The research that they do is also quite often published in peer reviewed scientific journals.

The scientists behind that Mannatech products believe highly in meeting their costumers’ wellness needs. Their products are considered to be of very high quality and a wide variety of them are even Kosher Certified.

Mannatech offers nutritional capsules. Also available is an assortment of Ambrotose products. Their Ambrotose products consist of everything from capsules to powders. They even offer a variety of products made with Aloe, which is very good for the body.

On top of all the great nutritional supplements that Mannatech offers they also offer skin care products. The products are made with the same glyconutrients system that their supplements are made with providing the best care for the skin. They offer a rejuvenation cream the reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps to firm the skin and hide the effects of aging. They also offer various essential oils.

Mannatech ‘s unique scientific formula is what makes it a go to product. The fact that they can use natural plant based glyconutrients for their products makes them that much more desirable to the consumer. Having other products but specializing in all natural nutritional supplements definitely has its appeal. Mannatech employees and scientists fully believe in and back their products 100%.

Europe Gives Green Light to First Gene Therapy for Children

The world’s first life-saving gene therapy for children, developed by Italian scientists and GlaxoSmithKline, has been recommended for approval in Europe, boosting the pioneering technology to fix faulty genes.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said on Friday it had endorsed the therapy, called Strimvelis, for a tiny number of children with ADA Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (ADA-SCID) for whom no matching bone marrow donor is available.

Around 15 children a year are born in Europe with the ultra-rare genetic disorder, which leaves them unable to make a type of white blood cell. They rarely survive beyond two years unless their immune function is restored with a suitable bone marrow transplant.

SCID is sometimes known as “bubble baby” disease, since children born with it have immune systems so weak they must live in germ-free environments.

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